Positive effects of plastic surgery

There is a usual misinterpretation that the word plastic in plastic surgery means factitious. The word is derived from the Greek word plastikos, which means to give form or mould. Plastic surgery is an activity aimed to improve the person’s appearance and reconstruction of the body and facial tissue defects caused by birth disorders or sickness. It restores and improves appearance and function. Competency in plastic surgery calls for a combination of surgical judgement, interpersonal skills, basic knowledge, and technical expertise to solve the problem at hand and to achieve satisfactory patient association. Plastic surgery entails both cosmetic ( aesthetic) and reconstructive procedures as discussed below: 

Cosmetic (aesthetic) plastic surgery 

This type of surgery is normally done to repair the body’s structures and improve its appearance .it can be done on all areas of the head, body and neck because they lack aesthetic appeal, although the areas function well liposuction mn

Reconstructive plastic surgery 

It is done on abnormal structures to improve their functions and may be done to change the structures’ appearance. The defects may be a result of disease, infection, tumours, trauma, etc. 

Positive effects of plastic surgery 

It enhances self-confidence: people who choose to undergo plastic surgery are more comfortable and satisfied with how they look, making them experience a renewed sense of personal confidence. Making them feel good overall. 

It intensifies quality of life: feeling your best intensify the quality of your life. People who feel good about their appearance often have more confidence in other areas of their lives. They are more motivated and willing to venture into various fields. As a result, individuals who choose plastic surgery to enhance their natural beauty often experience an enhanced quality of life 

increased happiness: plastic surgery enables individuals to be more content and comfortable with themselves .hence as they take full advantage of feeling their best, they generally become happier. 

Increased energy: 

Individuals who are not confident about their appearance tend to be less friendly and timid than those who are certain about their looks. Following plastic surgery, individuals who were once shy and less positive about themselves are excited to share their improved looks with the globe. 

negative side effects of plastic surgery 

1.it is costly 

Many procedures for plastic surgery cost a large sum of money. The cost increases with the skill of the surgeon and the complexity of the procedure. Small procedures may take a short time to heal, while other complex procedures may take longer for the body to recover fully- this is the time taken off from a full-time profession, a vast monetary loss. 

2. Emotional damage 

Those who undergo plastic surgery are at risk of feeling unsatisfied after the procedure. They are forced to go back to have additional work done; this may make them feel bitterness or fury toward their doctor. 

3.physical pains. 

The most popular physical paints of plastic surgery include vomiting, headache, nausea, and prolonged pain .over time, the pain may go away, but they can delay leaving in rare cases. Other complications may include swelling around the vicinity in which the practice was performed.